In a joint partnership between Airbus and Palantir, Skywise is transforming the aviation industry. Together with Airbus, we’re building the industry’s most valuable platform for data and expertise, and getting every player in the value chain on board.

Deliver quality aircraft on time and quickly resolve issues in-service.

Skywise brings the aviation supply chain to life in digital form so suppliers can make deliveries on time, on quality, and on budget. Skywise is powered by Palantir Foundry, a platform that integrates data in any scale or format. For suppliers, this means bringing together the complex landscape of production planning data, delivery schedules, inventory, engineering configurations, Bills of Materials, and quality data into a single, continuously evolving platform. Skywise unlocks rapid supply chain analysis at scale and enables suppliers to collaborate closely with Airbus.

“Premium Aerotec is a key supplier for Airbus, producing 30 million parts per year, which is huge complexity. Skywise helps us manage all the production steps. It gives Airbus much better visibility into where the product is in the supply chain, and it lets us immediately see our weak points so we can react on the spot. We have a digital strategy at Premium Aerotec...and Skywise is the foundation of that strategy.”
— Thomas Ehm, CEO Premium Aerotec

With Skywise, aircraft suppliers are:

  • Quickly capturing all outstanding work on a given component to enable data-driven prioritization
  • Monitoring changes to production plans, using historical data to identify at-risk deliveries, and adjusting production as necessary
  • Re-allocating parts with a single click, building flexibility and speed into the planning process
  • Reducing buffer times by bringing quality assurance directly to the production line
  • Conducting just-in-time production by synchronizing with Airbus' production planning
  • Resolving in-service issues significantly faster by accessing contextual failure data from airlines and collaborating with Airbus engineers in the platform

Bring data onboard.

Historically, airlines have had to navigate siloed systems for maintenance, flight management, aircraft monitoring and safety, and other critical workflows. Troubleshooting was manual and time-consuming, and critical sources such as sensor data were impossible to wrangle given their scale and complexity. At every decision point, from identifying the root cause of an ongoing issue to scheduling a part replacement, airlines had no way to capture their learnings for future use.

Skywise breaks down traditional data silos by bringing together an airline's operational, maintenance, and aircraft data with data provided by Airbus. Now, airlines can use massive-scale sensor data, maintenance systems, aircraft schedules, passenger bookings, and more in one environment. On top of this data asset, Skywise offers a diverse analytical suite for operators to make sense of that data in both code-free and code-based environments.

“We want to become a technology airline, and we are thrilled by what we see. Skywise will enable us to reach new insights into the operation of our aircraft; optimize our maintenance, engineering, and flight options decision-making; and reduce our costs.”
— Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Group CEO

Centralizing data and collaborating with Airbus on critical in-service issues lets airlines prevent problems before they disrupt operations. With access to integrated data from massive-scale sensor data, maintenance systems, aircraft schedules, passenger bookings, and more in Skywise, airlines are:

  • Reducing resolution time for multi-year Major In-Service Problems (MISPs) by 20x or more and preventing future technical delays
  • Identifying previously unknown defect patterns and easily eliminating false positives
  • Optimizing load configurations and increasing fuel efficiency
  • Avoiding costly part replacements and recovering millions of dollars in claims with automated warranty tracking
  • Minimizing the impact of flight schedule changes and aircraft swaps across complex fleets and networks
  • Automating regulatory reporting processes, turning month-long workflows into a series of clicks

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