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Palantir Foundry for Supply Chain

From optimizing day-to-day operations, to responding to global disruption - we help our partners to visualize the full picture in real-time, to respond accurately and at speed.

Every supply chain represents thousands of interconnected actions. Yet data is often managed in siloed systems - suppliers, inventory, production, sales and more - making it impossible to optimize decisions.

Supply chain

Palantir Foundry integrates data across the supply chain, uniting silos to create a digital twin of your network.

Using this digital twin, an organization can:

  • Create a connected supply chain from upstream to downstream, to understand interdependencies like never before.
  • Configure applications on top of shared data to optimize operational decisions in realtime.
  • Run simulations to ask “what-if” questions like “if I change the delivery date of this purchase order, what is the impact on my ability to meet customer demand?”
  • Analyze your entire network to identify bottlenecks, fragility and opportunities for optimization.

Powerful Workflows, Configured in Hours

  1. Supply Chain Control Tower
    Provide visibility into your network, in order to monitor network health and analyze historical, current and projected KPIs across all assets - from plants and warehouses to customers and deliveries.
  2. Supply Chain Resiliency
    Traverse the bill of materials to proactively surface supply chain disruptions such as inventory shortages, enabling users to assess the downstream impact and simulate “what-if” scenarios for mitigation.
  3. Supply Allocation
    Allocate limited resources to their most valuable usage, whether that be a highest margin product, most important customer, or most fragile part of the supply chain.
  4. Working Capital Optimization
    Identify the total value of working capital across all business units, enabling identification of surplus inventory, scenario based planning to identify the optimal path for improvement, and model deployment to improve operational decision making.
  5. Demand Planning
    Integrate demand forecasting data with additional datasources such as actual demand, inventory levels, promotions and additional events, to enable analysis on the forecast, to alert on deviations, and to allow planners to proactively override the forecast.
  6. Portfolio Optimization & Pricing
    Reconcile P&L to calculate end-to-end SKU-level profitability, enabling profitability-driven portfolio guidance, scenario planning for quotations, and proactive alerting on strategic pricing opportunities.
  7. Carbon Planning
    Implement data-driven strategies to understand, quantify, and reduce environmental impact while building a resilient and profitable business. Carbon plans can be applied to financial and regulatory reporting, daily operations, and multi-year business planning.

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Supply Chain in Action

Learn about Supply Chain Control Tower and how users can rapidly view dozens of data sources across their supply chain network and take action.

Examples From The Field

Powering innovation for Doosan Infracore

Since 2019, Palantir has partnered with Doosan Infracore to drive the heavy machinery manufacturer’s digital transformation and deliver high-quality, market-relevant products to its customers. In this video, we show how Palantir software is helping Doosan integrate data across the value chain, from product development to production, from sales to quality maintenance.

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