Palantir interns apply their knowledge to real-world problems from day one. Learn more.

Palantir builds the most sophisticated data integration and analysis software in the world. We partner with government agencies, commercial institutions, and non-profit organizations to transform how they use data and technology.

Come work with us. Work with the best and brightest minds to solve urgent problems of massive scale. Work across an ever expanding set of domains and industries. Work on the problems you read about on the front page of the newspaper.

Make a difference

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  • Find rogue traders

    When traders operate outside investment guidelines and risk limits, their losses can put the entire financial system at risk. We work with banks to monitor risk exposure, investigate suspicious activities, and prevent high-risk behavior.

  • Bring new Energy to data

    Engineers in the energy industry make decisions every day that affect production, safety, and the environment. Our work with an energy supermajor makes their operations safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.


    Each year, there are over 60 billion credit card transactions in the United States. We built a platform with a major payments processing company to integrate their transaction data and deliver macro- and micro-insights to small businesses.


    We're proud to partner with organizations that are dedicated to improving and saving lives. We support non-profit organizations large and small by sending our people and technology where they’re needed most.

What people say

Find out why people love working at Palantir

Vicky Software Engineer

  • Palantir is the place to go to work with extremely smart, motivated people on the hardest, most impactful problems in the world. I never imagined that I could have so much impact on things that affect people everyday — everything from credit card fraud to cybersecurity to identifying at-risk families — through writing software.

Cobi Deployment Strategist

  • Do it. There’s no other place where you can find the combination of such great people, mission, and significant responsibility early on. There is not a position or role in the world I would prefer over my current one at Palantir.

Sharon Software Engineer

  • I’m getting better at architecting code in large projects. My experience working with design has taught me a lot about how to think about UX and working with business development has taught me more about what it's like to talk to and work with real customers with pressing needs and meaningful use cases.