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The Next Step

You’ve done your homework, now apply your knowledge where it is needed most by building technology that can change the world for the better.

Apply Your Knowledge

Your mind is bursting with theory, facts, and fictions. Now it's time to apply your expertise against real world problems, with real world outcomes. When it comes to working with the world’s most critical institutions, we believe that human-driven, computer-assisted analysis is more powerful and effective than fully automated approaches. Belief in the power of the human mind is built into our technology from the codebase up. Our software is crafted by talented engineers, tested and used by domain experts in the field, and supported by a company of passionate individuals.

Keep On Learning

No man (or woman) is an island at Palantir. While you work, you’ll learn from your mentor, you’ll learn from your team, you’ll learn from our iron chef and the designer down the hall. Bookshelves scattered throughout the offices offer titles to take home on programming, productivity, and history. And you’ll be able to contribute back to this culture of learning. No matter what your interests, you’ll find someone interested to hear more. We believe that education doesn’t end with a diploma, it just gets better.

Open Positions

Full Stack
Software Engineers

Full Stack Software Engineers are involved in all parts of the product lifecycle. They brainstorm, design, prototype, plan, execute, and ship. They brainstorm to understand and explore our customers’ problem space, then work with a team to design solutions to the hardest problems they discover. They rapidly prototype ideas to validate their designs, and develop plans to execute on complex projects. They use Javascript/Coffeescript for client and server web work, Handlebars for HTML templating, LESS to make our products beautiful, and Java for complicated backend processing.

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Deployment Strategists own the planning and execution of our customer deployments. They are responsible for doing everything it takes to make our deployments successful. They prove the analytical value of the software by solving novel problems, work intimately with users to enable them to solve problems on their own, and find new opportunities to deploy our products at existing customers and beyond. Deployment Strategists are exposed to and become experts in a variety of domains.

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Product Quality

The Quality Engineering team features product experts who write test automation, diagnose data scale problems and manage the integration of complex systems so that Palantir meets the rigorous quality standards necessary to solve challenging problems. They are technical generalists who can ramp up on new projects quickly, and drive customer outcomes by iterating closely with Forward Deployed Engineers, Software Engineers, and end-users.

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Product Support

The Product Support team works with Business Development and Palantir users to ensure that our products are running across the globe. Support engineers are problem-solving experts whose day-to-day is anything but predictable. They understand the products inside and out, and can rapidly come up with solutions for any issues related to installation, upgrades, system performance, and more. They also answer Linux- and Oracle-related questions, support deployment-specific workflows, and diagnose hardware issues.

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Forward Deployed
Software Engineer

Forward Deployed Software Engineers (FDSEs) are responsible for the technical success of each of our deployments. They are full-stack developers who work side by side with our customers to lead technical implementation of our products. FDSEs understand our customers’ greatest pain points and design end-to-end solutions to address them. FDSEs solicit constant feedback on their work from both customers and colleagues, improving our products over time with rapid iteration cycles.

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