Palantir Path

We are no longer accepting Path applications for Summer 2019. Please check back in Fall 2019 for the next open application period.

At Palantir, we're passionate about creating opportunities for all individuals to grow and succeed. We launched Palantir Path in 2017 to support students who are new to the tech world, especially those from underrepresented communities who may not have had exposure to technical opportunities before college.

Building products at Palantir isn't your typical engineering job — and Palantir Path isn't your typical internship. The problems we solve at Palantir, from combating terror threats to delivering relief to victims of disaster, don't map neatly to a college curriculum. Palantir Path is designed to help students early in their college careers to bridge the gap between what they learn in school and what's necessary to solve the real world's ambiguous, complex problems.

As a Palantir Path intern, you'll become part of the Palantir family — and challenged accordingly with high-impact work. You'll be in a Software Engineer role as part of a team of extraordinary engineering talent supporting a specific product or Palantir customer on multi-faceted, open-ended, and complicated problems. You'll be paired with a mentor who will help you learn to build real-world software and to think critically about how problems can — and can't — be solved with technology. At the end of the summer, with real-world experience and actionable feedback under your belt, you'll be better equipped to maximize your undergraduate career and readily tackle future engineering challenges.

The Path Experience

Our 2018 cohort talks about the Path internship

TiffanySmith College

  • Before coming to Palantir, I had little to no experience with engineering in the real world or industry. As a first-generation, low-income student, I didn’t have many people or resources to help me learn more about the industry that I wanted to be a part of. The Path program provides invaluable support and mentoring to help you transition into real-world engineering, while also ensuring that you have ownership over work that is important to your team. I did much more than just code at my computer: I interacted constantly with clients, and worked hands-on with many different groups of people, from sales personnel to advanced tech users. Throughout my internship, I saw how Palantir and engineering affect all corners of the world.

AlejandroUniversity of Texas, El Paso

  • This internship kept me out of my comfort zone a lot. I learned how real engineering is applied to solve real problems. I had to constantly reach out to people to ask questions, and I had to work very hard to help my team. I learned so much, and realized how much a team can get done if everyone is in tune with the work and has the same motivation to succeed. Working at Palantir is very different than working on school projects because you get to create solutions to real problems, which is really cool!

JessicaClaremont McKenna College

  • What made Path stand out from other internships was how it embraced unique or unconventional career narratives. Sure, many of us had studied data structures a bunch or had performed decently in phone screens (I’ll tell you now, I tanked my Hackerrank): but they also had passions for social justice, or experience in the public sector, or a history of humanitarianism, or a second major in ethical theory. Path was about finding those who had a passion for good and a hunger for the unknown or unexplored. In my time at Palantir, I noticed that this reflected the company culture and the kinds of coworkers you could expect to find there.

DavidUniversity of Virginia

  • My internship taught me there’s much more to software engineering than just picking the right architecture or writing clean code (though that’s also important). For example, thinking and discussing ethical concerns and civil liberties protections, topics that rarely come up in school, happens constantly at Palantir.

Interested in applying?

We are no longer accepting Path applications for Summer 2019. However, we encourage you to check back in Fall 2019. We will be accepting applications for Summer 2020 Path internships.


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