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The Annual Palantir Puzzle Hunt

Coming This Fall

Now in its fourth year, the Palantir Puzzle Hunt is written and designed annually at Palantir HQ in downtown Palo Alto by a team of Puzzle enthusiasts and then made available at a variety of college campuses.

Stay tuned for this year's puzzle, to be unveiled in Fall 2014.

Have Questions?

What’s a puzzle hunt?

The event consists of solving puzzles at different locations around campus. Using the solution of a puzzle, your team will discover the location of the next puzzle. Each puzzle takes 20-60 minutes to solve. How quickly you solve each puzzle determines your team’s score.

Why are you doing this?

For fun! Puzzles are awesome. Running around campus with your friends is awesome. What more do you need?

How are teams scored?

Your team will receive a score for each puzzle you complete. It is based on the time it took to complete and the expected time to complete the puzzle (i.e. the "Par time").

  • If your team took any hints on the puzzle, your score = 80% * Par Time.
  • If your team finished after the par time, your score = Par Time.
  • If your team finished before the par time, your score = Par Time + (Par Time – Completion Time).
  • This is the same scoring system used by the DASH puzzlehunt.

What do I need to bring?

  • A flashlight and scissors
  • You and your team
  • Comfortable walking shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather
  • Something to write with and something to write on
  • A flashlight! And scissors!

I have only 2 friends in the whole world, can my team have 3 members?

No. Unfortunately, some of the puzzles are tuned for a minimum number of participants.

What’s an example of a past puzzle hunt?

Animal Empathy, Puzzle Hunt 2011 [PDF]
Animal Empathy Supplement [PDF]