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Future Fellowship

The 2021 application period is now closed. Please check back later in the year for more information about the 2022 application period.

We launched the Palantir Future Scholarship in 2016 to support and encourage students from racial/ethnic communities underrepresented in STEM. Building off of four successful years of providing scholarships and broadening access to students beginning careers in technology, we are expanding our commitment with an immersive Fellowship program designed to empower students with the technical and real world skills needed for interviewing in the technology sector.

Ten Fellows will be awarded $7,000 to support their education and invited to participate in a 6-week fully-remote program, designed to prepare them to successfully interview for software engineering roles at Palantir and other tech firms. Curriculum will include interactive sessions on technical and open-ended problem solving, systems design, sessions on how to navigate behavioral interviews, how to bring your authentic self to work, advocating for yourself, creating community and belonging, etc., along with resume critiques. Programing may be completed alongside other commitments (classes, work, internship, etc.), and we estimate the time requirements with us to be 3-5 hours per week. Every Fellow who has completed the program will be invited to an accelerated interview process for a Palantir internship or full-time opportunity. We encourage students attending US-based Minority Serving Institutions to apply.


The Future Fellowship is open to any student who meets all of the eligibility criteria below:

Identify as a member of a racial/ethnic community underrepresented in STEM (including, but not limited to, Black/African-American, Latinx/Hispanic, and Indigenous heritage, e.g. Native American, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian)*

Are an actively enrolled student on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution in 2022 or 2023

Applicants must be majoring in or plan to major in the fields of Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a closely related technical field

Have completed or are currently enrolled in a Data Structures course, with some exposure to lists, arrays, hash tables, hash maps, stacks, queues, graphs, trees, heaps, sorts, searches, and traversals (BFS, DFS); and recursion and iterative approaches

Have not been a Palantir scholarship finalist in the past. Note: You will not be considered a past finalist if you apply for multiple Palantir scholarships this season

Are available for a fully-remote 6-week long program requiring 3-5 hours per week between July and August 2021

Ready to apply?

The 2021 application period is now closed. The ten Fellows selected will be announced in early April 2021. Please check back later in the year for more information about the 2022 application period.

Terms and Conditions

By applying to the Future Fellowship (“Fellowship”), you understand and agree that any personal data collected in connection with your online application may be used by Palantir Technologies Inc. and our subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners worldwide (collectively, “Palantir”) for purposes of processing your application, organizing and administering the Fellowship and complying with all applicable legal obligations. All personal data that you provide is subject to Palantir’s Privacy and Security Statement. Further, if you opt-in to be contacted for future employment opportunities with Palantir, you understand and agree that Palantir will retain your personal information for that purpose and may contact you in the future.

The Fellowship funds awarded must be spent on education-related expenses, such as tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for the students' classes at their primary university. Fellowship recipients must be actively enrolled students for the current (2020-21) and upcoming (2021-22) academic years. Enrollment will be verified after the winners are selected, and all fellowship payments will be made directly to the student.


  • I am a Master's/PhD student, can I apply?
    No. At this time, our Future Fellowship program is only open to undergraduate students graduating in 2022 or 2023.
  • I am currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a coding bootcamp or other accelerated program. Am I eligible to apply?
    No. At this time, our scholarship program is only open to students actively enrolled in an undergraduate program.
  • I am currently enrolled in a community college, but have plans to transfer to a 4-year university. Can I apply?
    Yes, you are welcome to apply provided you meet all of the eligibility criteria. Please indicate on your resume/CV and make sure to add your expected graduation year.
  • I am enrolled in an accredited U.S. university, but am currently studying or living abroad. Can I apply?
    Yes. As long as you are enrolled in an accredited U.S. university you are eligible to apply.
  • What if my official or full transcript is not available?
    You may submit an unofficial transcript. If you are unable to obtain transcripts, please provide a copy of your past and current coursework.
  • Who is considered an underrepresented ethnic minority in STEM/technology?
    Typically, communities considered most underrepresented in STEM include, but are not limited to, people of Black/African-American; Latinx/Hispanic; and/or Indigenous heritage, e.g. Native American, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian. Please reference this site for more information or email us if you have questions.
  • Can I apply to other open 2021 Palantir scholarships?
    Yes. You are welcome to apply for multiple fellowships/scholarships provided you meet the eligibility criteria for each one.
  • I am a part-time student. Can I apply?
    Yes. Part-time students are eligible to apply.

2020 Recipients

Congratulations to our 2020 Future Scholarship recipients!

2020 Recipients
  • David Ramirez
    California State University - Long Beach
    Computer Science

  • Jordan Troutman
    University of Maryland - Baltimore County
    Computer Science

  • Leodson Jean Baptiste
    Stanford University
    Computer Science

  • Bruk Zewdie
    Columbia University
    Computer Science

  • Flor Hernandez Jose
    Eastern Connecticut State University
    Biochemistry & Computer Science

  • Banceli Dorcas Sandamba
    Ottawa University
    Software Engineering

  • Evans Muzulu
    Oberlin College
    Computer Science & Mathematics

  • Oluwatoni Oshikanlu
    Howard University
    Computer Science

  • Melina Salazar-Perez
    University of Texas - El Paso
    Computer Science

  • Brandon Luke Staple
    University of Colorado - Denver

2019 Recipients

Congratulations to our 2019 Future Scholarship recipients!

  • Chineye Emeghara
    University of Texas at Austin
    Computer Science

  • Dora Cecilia Gurfinkel
    University of Texas at Austin
    Computer Science and Mathematics

  • Florencia Cabral Berenfus
    University of Colorado - Boulder
    Computer Science

  • Giovanna Lemos Ribeiro
    Johns Hopkins University
    Computer Science and Neuroscience

  • Jeanette Hill
    Purdue University
    Chemical Engineering

  • Jeanne Lyse Mugeni
    University of Rochester
    Optical Engineering

  • Kermit Alexander II
    University of Texas at Dallas
    Computer Science

  • Maya Foster
    Johns Hopkins University

  • Raven Witherspoon
    Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Tatiana Kapos
    University of Arizona
    Computer Science