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Future Scholarship

The 2020 application period is now closed. Please check back in December for the next open application period.

We launched the Palantir Future Scholarship in 2016 to celebrate and support students from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups in STEM who are beginning careers in technology. We hope to encourage these students in their computer science, engineering, and technical studies, and celebrate their potential to become leaders in these fields.

This year, 10 scholarship recipients will be chosen and invited to visit our Washington, D.C. office for a full-day, all-expenses paid developmental workshop. Programming will include professional development sessions, breakouts with our engineers, and some fun social activities! All recipients are awarded $7,000 to support their education.


The Future Scholarship is open to students who:

Are active, full-time undergraduate students enrolled in an accredited U.S., Canadian or Mexican college/university during the academic years that the scholarship is awarded, i.e., you must be enrolled in both the current (2019-20) and upcoming (2020-21) academic years

Are a freshman, sophomore, or junior who are majoring in or plan to major in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) fields

Are from an underrepresented racial/ethnic group in STEM (African-American/Black, Hispanic, Native American)*

Have not been finalists in the past

We iterate on the scholarship eligibility every year, so the above is subject to change.

The scholarship funds awarded for Palantir's Future Scholarship must be spent on education related expenses, such as tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment required for the students' classes at their primary university. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled as full-time students for the current (2020-21) and upcoming (2020-21) academic years. Enrollment will be verified after the winners are selected, and all scholarship payments will be made directly to the student. View Palantir’s Privacy and Security Statement.


Ready to apply?

The 2020 application period is now closed. Please check back in December for the next open application period.


  • I am a Master's/PhD student, can I apply?
    No. At this time, our scholarship program is only open to undergraduate students.
  • I am a senior, graduating in 2020, can I apply?
    No. At this time, our scholarship program is only open to freshman, sophomores or juniors currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.
  • I am still in high school, but have taken enough college units to be in freshman standing. Can I apply?
    No. You need to have graduated high school and be actively enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university.
  • I have completed enough credits to be in senior standing, but will not graduate until 2021. Can I apply?
    Yes. Since you are technically in your third year, you may apply.
  • I am enrolled in an accredited U.S., Canadian or Mexican university, but am currently studying abroad. Can I apply?
    Yes. However, if selected, you will need to be available to attend the Washington, D.C. office visit on May 1.
  • What if my official or full transcript is not available?
    If you aren't able to obtain an official or full transcript, we will accept your most recent transcript, i.e. an unofficial transcript, or any proof of enrollment.
  • What is considered a STEM major?
    STEM is an acronym referring to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; majoring in STEM major means that you will graduate with a degree in one of those aforementioned fields. If you are unsure whether your major falls into this category, please review this list from the U.S. National Science Foundation of programs commonly considered to be in STEM. If you are pursuing a degree in something that you feel qualifies as a STEM degree but is not listed, please reach out to us to determine eligibility.
  • What do you consider an underrepresented ethnic minority in STEM?
    • Black/African American
    • Hispanic/Latinx
    • Native American (i.e. First Nations and Indigenous American groups), Alaska Native
    Please reference this site for more information.

2020 Recipients

Congratulations to our 2020 Future Scholarship recipients!

2020 Recipients
  • David Ramirez
    California State University - Long Beach
    Computer Science

  • Jordan Troutman
    University of Maryland - Baltimore County
    Computer Science

  • Leodson Jean Baptiste
    Stanford University
    Computer Science

  • Bruk Zewdie
    Columbia University
    Computer Science

  • Flor Hernandez Jose
    Eastern Connecticut State University
    Biochemistry & Computer Science

  • Banceli Dorcas Sandamba
    Ottawa University
    Software Engineering

  • Evans Muzulu
    Oberlin College
    Computer Science & Mathematics

  • Oluwatoni Oshikanlu
    Howard University
    Computer Science

  • Melina Salazar-Perez
    University of Texas - El Paso
    Computer Science

  • Brandon Luke Staple
    University of Colorado - Denver

2019 Recipients

Congratulations to our 2019 Future Scholarship recipients!

  • Chineye Emeghara
    University of Texas at Austin
    Computer Science

  • Dora Cecilia Gurfinkel
    University of Texas at Austin
    Computer Science and Mathematics

  • Florencia Cabral Berenfus
    University of Colorado - Boulder
    Computer Science

  • Giovanna Lemos Ribeiro
    Johns Hopkins University
    Computer Science and Neuroscience

  • Jeanette Hill
    Purdue University
    Chemical Engineering

  • Jeanne Lyse Mugeni
    University of Rochester
    Optical Engineering

  • Kermit Alexander II
    University of Texas at Dallas
    Computer Science

  • Maya Foster
    Johns Hopkins University

  • Raven Witherspoon
    Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Tatiana Kapos
    University of Arizona
    Computer Science